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Tales from the African Dance Floor: A memoir in a letter

“As an African Dancer, I'm keenly aware that the experience is most divine when a connection is made with the Drummer and the Dancer” 
Carol Copper


If you’re looking for a cultural experience, then this book is a must read! Follow one New York woman’s story of discovering African dance and how that influenced her pedagogy and knowledge of herself. Her dance memoir is designed to inspire and amplify black voices as she shares some of the anthropology and history behind African dance. 

Can’t currently travel to Africa? Take your senses on a trip to The Gambia or Senegal with this journal-like memoir of one woman’s fire and spirit. This book reads like a conversation with a good friend and you’ll read it over and over again. Grab your favorite blanket and chair and settle in; you’re in for a treat!


Carol Copper has always been inspired to teach. That combined with her wish to help young people led her to a teaching career as a Teacher of English and Literacy. While teaching, she discovered a new love; African dance. She wants to share her passion and help others find a way to express themselves through this beautiful art form. 25 years of African dance helped guide her down a path of self-love and self-acceptance—a gift she’d like to help others achieve.   


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